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 The Jcink Account System, Account Management Guide
The Datacron
 Posted: Feb 3 2017, 02:44 AM
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the way we have things set up here with different WRITER & CHARACTER accounts, there is bound to be mix-ups with posting under certain profiles. So this is to help all of us.
  • Your Writer Account
    - Your Writer account is your Primary and OOC account used for collective data storage of all of your OOC chatter, roleplay planning & Lore submissions. You are required to have one. As this is your primary account, it should not be synced to any other profiles (as it would defeat the purpose of a primary account).
  • Your Character Account(s)
    - Your Character account(s) are your Secondary and IC account(s) used for Posting in RP's. You are required to have a character account for each character bio you have. It's the only way that character can RP on the board. ALL Character accounts must be linked to a Primary account. Character accounts are created the same as a Writer Account.
  • Linking Character Accounts to your Primary Account
    - Linking can be done via the User Control Panel (my controls). Go to the Menu sidebar in your control panel and locate the Personal Profile section. Locate the Edit Sub-Accounts link and click on it. You should see the words "Link an existing account" in the center page with two text boxes below, one with Account Username and Account Password. Fill those boxes out with the required information and click the Link this Account button. Voila! Your Character has been linked to your primary account.
  • I've Linked my accounts, how does the posting work now?
    - Given how Jcink is set up, and the more recent change of how they've worked in their account posting methods, they've made it much easier for members with multiple accounts to post without the need of actually switching accounts constantly. When you are making a post there are but a few elements one ever really concerns themselves with

    -- Topic Title -- (when starting a topic)
    -- Topic Description -- (when starting a topic)
    -- Topic Text Body (enter your Post) -- (when starting or replying to a topic)

    Yeah, we are all familiar with those three, they're unimportant for this, but I'm including them for reference (it's just coming up soon, I promise). Anyways, back to how you post from a linked account while still logged in to your primary...

    When you scroll down past the Topic Text Body (enter your Post) portion of a post creation, past the post options & icons you come to a small section entitled Post as user with the option of Select sub-account author.... Simply click on the drop down list and select the character account you are looking to post with.

    Don't get that confused with what I'm about to tell you. When you don't need to use a character account -- outside of RP -- don't bother selecting a sub-account author, because it automatically posts as your primary (as any forum would).
  • I've mis-posted either under my writer or character account(s), can I fix this?
    - Absolutely. Just go back and edit your post (Not via the quick edit, but FULL EDIT). Go back to the select sub-account author option and pick the correct author you wish to have posted with. When you are finished click the Submit Modified Post Option.

    For example on this last one, I posted this topic while in my Nerf Herder (since deleted & defunct) username (as I fully intended to). To show how this works, I simply changed the account author to The Force (my current staff/writer account), to show that this can indeed be done and should a similar situation arise in an RP, one doesn't have to delete posts instead they can simply edit the post author.
Guide written by Hank of SW:DW
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