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 Topic Tagging, Reference Guide
The Datacron
 Posted: Feb 3 2017, 02:37 AM
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This topic is to make clear tagging for topics, and what said tags entail when using them. When it comes to using topic tags, you may put them either in the topic title or description, as long as it gets tagged. Although if you don't tag, just be sure everyone knows what type of topic it is, which can easily be done by making some sort of rp discussion thread in the rp discussion area.

[FACTION] -- Replace "FACTION" with your designated faction
-- The faction tag allows for only members of that particular faction to post in that thread. Special circumstances for entry may apply with this tag, but you will need to take them up with the thread creator.

-- The public tag allows everyone on the board to participate in your thread.

-- The private tag allows only people you have invited to participate in your thread.

- The dominion tag is used only in threads to gain new or unoccupied planets for a faction. A dominion tag can only be used by a faction leader.
-- To earn a dominion: 50 posts.
-- double dominion (two factions - one planet), first to 100 posts in their topic wins the planet.

- The invasion tag is used only in threads to takeover a planet owned by a faction. In order to begin an invasion you must have approval from both faction leaders (of said factions involved) and at least 5 persons per faction involved (preferably 5v5 or greater equal number). An invasion may only be started by a faction leader.

- The event tag is used only in threads for a galaxy-wide event. The primary event "kick-off" thread will be started by a member of staff. All secondary event threads may be started by a faction leader.
-- All event threads may be created within a certain allotment of time.

- The duel tag is used only in a duel between two characters.

- The campaign tag is used only in a series of threads where a faction has some agenda they wish to accomplish in a short amount of time. Campaigns may include faction, public, private, and dominion sub-tags. Special circumstances may allow event-campaigns, but will require staff approval. Campaigns may only be started by a faction leader or faction leader approved writers. When creating a campaign, please contact a staff member with what you are planning to do, and we will give you an allotted amount of time to complete as many of the campaign tasks as you can.
-- Campaigns have varying, but set time limits for what is needed to be completed.

Guide written by Hank of SW:DW
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