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 The Rules for Plotting, The Do's and Don'ts
The Datacron
 Posted: Jan 27 2017, 07:30 AM
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* Your plot MUST have a plot tag. If you do not place the plot tag then your plot wont be approved, and will be deleted after a week. PERIOD.

* Please use the format of plot topics consistent. You shall give a descriptive title to the plot.

* Every individual plot requires its own topic. If you plan to develop your character powers or anything related to the character, like a marriage or death, it should always be done under an individual plot. Exceptions are if it happens on a Board Wide Plot or you have permission from one of the Staff.

* The plots are considered approved, once Two of the Staff members gives their approval.

* Be open to advice and opinions about your plot, and do not be afraid to discuss them with the Staff. We really don't bite...

*You will be assigned a plot date. All preparations must be finished by that date, and you may not start your plot before your assigned date.

* If your plot involves special characters or NPC and you are not playing them, ask another member to play them. You must know who is playing all of them before your plot can begin. Special Characters that are run by the staff (TBA soon) will not be allowed to be played by the members, instead need the approval before hand by the staff.


* Disrespect towards someone else's plot will NOT be tolerated at ALL. NO DISCUSSION about this issue.

* Do not make major changes to your plot that have not been approved first by the Staff.

* On the same note, do not add major components to the plot that have not been approved. You may PM the staff if you want components to be a surprise for the rest of the board, but there are no surprises for the staff.

* Post in your topic when your plot has ended.

Staff Advices:

* Use Common Sense about the number of people involved in your plot. Plots with a lot of people may get stuck waiting for everyone to post and last longer then you expected.

* A Board Plot is totally different then an individual plot and such you should always stipulate a maximum number of characters.

* Board Wide plots will be thought up/posted/and run by the staff. HOWEVER, the members are encouraged to give insight and suggestions on the plots. We suggest, that the members who wish to participate in these board-wide plots give their insight as the plots are posted.
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