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 5 Easy Steps to Getting Started on SW:KOTOR-RPG
The Datacron
 Posted: Jan 14 2016, 06:31 PM
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5 Steps to Getting Started

Welcome to Star Wars : Knights of The Old Republic! Below are some easy steps to becoming an active part of our little community.

1. Read the rules and guides
- By reading the rules and the guides we offer here on KOTOR, you come to better understand how we operate and what is expected of you, as a member, on the board. No, we aren't asking you to read everything all at once, that would take hours and hours, but gradually read over them or refer back to them when you might not be sure of something. Both are there to help you during your stay here on the board.

2. Introduce yourself
- You might be nervous, coming into a new place, but I promise we won't bite. Head on over to our introductions forum and start making acquaintances.

3. Build a character that you'll love
- While we do have some of our own guidelines to follow when reviewing your characters, we respect the creators knack for creativity, because we know that you want to build a character you'll love and actually want to play.

4. Start your own adventures
- After your character has been approved for use on the board, we encourage you to get started on roleplaying with your character as soon as possible so you can bring your own adventures into the mix for not only yourself, but others to enjoy as well.

5. Strengthen, Improve, Create
- As time goes on and the more you use your character(s), they will become stronger in several ways, their standing among others may improve, and perhaps they will even become more known in the galactic eye. Also, if you think you're up for it, have a hand at adding some new content to the galaxy through use of our user created content (UCC) system.

If you ever find yourself in need of any other guidance...
- Do not hesitate to make contact with a member of the staff, either on the cbox (found on the sidebar) or through a pm.

Credited to Hank of SW:FA

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