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 Right under your Nose!, [Obs/Treb]
Lux Dawnstar
 Posted: Mar 6 2017, 09:25 AM
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One of the few things, that made Lux blood boil and act impulsive was discrimination. Being the odd Zeltron, she always felt it in her skin, when dealing with her people. So he become a sort of paragon for all who suffered from it. Twi'lek's were some of the people that she had seen been more discriminated, like many other species, but one thing that she realized that was even bigger was the gender discrimination. And yes, even the beautiful princess had felt it more than once, especially when people realized she was a Zeltron.

So hearing Dia words, made her realize that the woman must have suffered a lot throughout her life. There was resentment against her kind. Resentment, contempt and disgust...some hate and prejudice too. Well, Lux could relate a bit with Dia, but she didn't fully agreed on the Twi'lek words about her people. Lux had met many different Twi'lek's in her short life.

"I don't think your people is that weak...I've meet a lot of you and you are all, so different from one another, but I've seen the same inner strength burning inside each and every one of you. In you that fire, glows in your eyes and that is a light that I don't think you will let die, without raging against the dying of that same light." Lux spoke again with her typical straightforwardness. "Being malleable is not the same thing as being weak." She added.

Lux titled her head as she released herself from the seat belt strapping, mimicking Dia action moments before.

"This way? What you mean by that? You seem pretty strong and self-confident...I never encountered someone with those traits, that hadn't experienced some sort of pain or grieve." Again her straightforwardness and lack of filter. Sometimes she was simply too damn opinionated..."My apologies, if my remark seemed rude." Lux felt slightly awkward and so she apologized and then become silent.
Dia Sienn
 Posted: Mar 7 2017, 01:30 PM
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Dia rolled her eyes a little, as the Jedi girl started her tirade about "inner strength".

She did not believe in inner strength. There was just strength, it was either present, or not. And even if there was inner strength to her race, what was the point of strength if it was not being used? She simply shrugged, not taking offence at Lux's remarks, as there were none. Though she did briefly turn away to reconfigure the auto-pilot.

"Eh, you don't know rude." - she chuckled at that awkward apology at the end. "Negotiating with Trandoshans on the other hand... Now that could be considered rude. Bloody lizards can't say a phrase without mentioning genitals." - the twi'lek laughed at her own hypocritical joke. She saw little problem with either - people were prejudiced towards her, it was their right to do and think wrong. She reserved hers for herself.

Dia stood up, looking at her passenger again. This whole talk about justice and strength did seem humorous to the Twi'lek. So typical of a Jedi, she figured. They were monks and self-appointed fighters for justice, after all. While she herself was pretty far from these righteous concepts, she did enjoy the company of another female. Being around them made her feel less... twitchy.

"I have to be strong and self-confident, otherwise I wouldn't be flying this ship. Your words are kind, human, but falsely sympathetic. Otherwise so many of us wouldn't be in this mess. It's not that I care too much. We all make our choices. They made theirs, I made mine." - she shrugged. Passing by Lux, she opened a hidden panel, and pulled out a bottle of Correlian Brandy.

"No sob stories though, sorry. How 'bout we do something fun? We've got two days ahead of us. Wanna drink? On the house."

With how much money this side-job was earning her, Dia could afford it.
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