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 T3-M4 "TeeThree", Astromech Droid | 3 Years Old
Jaden Damarcus
 Posted: Jul 21 2016, 08:01 PM
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44 Galactic Stanard Years
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3956BBY (3 GSY Old)


T3 Series Utility Droid


Masculine Programming


Utility/Astromech Droid



0.96 meters (3.21 feet)


150 lbs (


  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red

  • White
  • Silver
  • blue
  • As with other utility droids of the era, the T3 unit had four wheeled legs, of which the front two were attached to the droid's blocky chassis by rotating joints, allowing the droid to slide backwards and forwards to adjust the unit's height. The T3's roughly toroidal head featured a large main photoreceptor and two secondary ones, a broadcast antenna and vocabulator that allowed the droid to communicate in Droidspeak.



    T3-M4's frame and equipment and programming has been upgraded several times over the years. some of the items he posses are:

  • Tool access port
  • Radar eye
  • Auditory and sonar scanner
  • Radionic scanner
  • Multi-function arm
  • Broadcast antenna
  • Binary vocabulator
  • Droid DIatium Plating
  • Fusion welder
  • Data probe
  • Power recharge coupler
  • Holoprojector
  • automated repair upgrade
  • Shield Generator
  • The weapons often very depending on the needs of the other crew members. the most often used are :

  • Repeating blaster
  • Advanced Flamethrower
  • Electroshock prod
  • Buzz Saw
  • Droid ion blast Mark III
  • Carbonite projector Mark II
  • Droid neural pacifier
  • Droid plasma thrower
  • Droid repulsor
  • Advanced shield disruptor
  • Blowtorch
  • Stun ray
  • Droid ion striker

    T3-M4 has many abilities, despite being a utility droid. Unlike other droids who get their memory wiped, He has formed a personality, due to his never having a memory wipe. Possibly due to his memory never being erased or reprogrammed, had more personality than average droids. T3 was very loyal and courageous, and though he was not designed for combat, he was not afraid to fight when the situation demanded it. When forced into combat T38 held his own by using his wide variety of mechanical features to serve as weapons, such as using oil to blind his opponents or make them slip, shocking them with his shock prod, tying them up in a cable or simply bashing into them.

    His crew mates noted that he possessed a defiant and a rather quirky personality and had a spunky, if not sarcastic sense of humor. He also seems to have little reservations of behaving in such a matter around his crew mates. He liked to play pranks on the crew, mostly Revan and the pilot Carth and later Atton, after meetra had joined revan's crew.Despite the pranks he often played on Revan, the two had a working and respectful relationship, and revan admired the little droid's skills His relationship was best with the crewmates Meetra and Mision Vao, who he trusted enough to allow them to work on him, or upgrade his systems due to their high skills with computers. out of all of the crewmates, the only member he didn't like and refused to get along with was the assassin droid HK-47. T3-M4 and HK-47 did not get along, as seen in their conversations between the two of them. T3-M4 actually attacked and disablds HK-47 at a couple of points during his journeys with Revan. T3 appeared to particularly dislike other droids and never hesitated to cause them harm, whether his mission called for it or not.

    He was known for his loyal, courageous, and assertive personality. T3 had an adventurous spirit and was able to cope well under challenging circumstances. While he was almost always stubborn, and could be irritable towards those he did not like, T3 did have the crew's best interests in mind and would always help them during a problem, prompting his partners to forgive his personality quirks.

    Though he did not get along with the EbonHawk's computer, the hawk followed T3's commands without question. He also had a sense of team spirit and loyalty to his fellow Hawk companions. T3 made himself an invaluable member of the Hawk by customizing the vessel to such a degree that he was the only one who understood its systems well enough to maintain it, and was the main navigator as well. Despite his mechanical skills, he preferred to do mundane activities such as playing dejarik with Revan, Meetra or the other crew members rather than performing his allocated chores aboard the Ebon Hawk. His favorite feature was his electroshock prod, which he used to shock enemies or even fellow crew members on a number of occasions.

    T3-M4 had many abilities and was fully deserving of the moniker of 'utility droid'. There is evidence that he was even resistant to memory wipes: if another droid attempted to erase T3-M4's memory, T3 could replicate the other droid's numeric matrices, slice into its system, and short-circuit that droid instead. T3-M4 could make security and computer spikes and could turn himself into a makeshift workbench which Meetra Surik and Revan used to upgrade or take apart objects in the field.


  • T3-M4 was a late-prototype model of the T3-series utility droid, built on Taris by Janice Nall for the local crime lord Davik Kang in 3956 BBY. The droid was top-of-the-range for its time, and featured exceptional code-breaking and computer slicing skills, in addition to being able to mount armor and weapon upgrades. T3 was purchased from Janice Nall for the asking price of 2000 credits.
  • T3-M4's original purpose was to aid Canderous Ordo in breaking into a Sith military base on Taris for Davik Kang. Revan, under the advice of Canderous, assisted in stealing the launch codes from the base and the motley group managed to escape the planet without being vaporized by the Sith blockade.
  • When the Ebon Hawk, Davik's most appreciated light freighter, came into Revan's possession, T3 accompanied its crew for the rest of their journey, in their quest to destroy the Star Forge.
  • Following the destruction of the Star Forge, T3-M4 remained in Revan's possession and accompanied him in his adventures across the galaxy. Before this, however, T3 was given special instructions by Revan's wife Bastila Shan. Under this programming, if T3 lost contact with Revan, he would return to Republic space and contact her or any other that could help, such as the Republic or other Jedi.
  • During Revan's journeys, T3-M4 was responsible for the Ebon Hawk's navigation, as he alone could access the navigation records of the ship due to a voice-printed lockout.



    Sean aka Revanchist

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     Posted: Jul 22 2016, 08:05 AM
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