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Knights of the Old Republic > Nar Shaddaa > A Meeting of Unexpected Fates

Posted by: Jagged Finnall Feb 10 2017, 04:51 PM
Tag : Lux Dawnstar | Location : Nar Shaddaa | Word Count : 715
Jagged finnall, one of the rising stars in the Sith, had been given an assignment from his commanding officer, a mission that would require more than his military expertise and all of his skills if he were to complete it successfully. Having been sent to Nar Shaddaa 'undercover', Jagged was assigned to meet with a sith sympathizer in hopes of gaining funds and information for the Sith from one of Nar Shaddaa's numerous Criminal enterprises. Since the defeat of Revan's Sith Empire, as well as the Sith Triumvirate, The Jedi and Galactic Empire had been on a crusade to find all Sith and their sympathizers and bring them to justice. It was this reason that he had to be extra careful, since he was certain that the Republic had as many spy's on Nar Shaddaa as the Hutts and the Exchange did.

After meeting with his contact and securing the funds, Jagged left for the Corellian sector where he hoped to get a drink or two and test his luck at a game of sabaac. With 4 hours remaining til his ride would depart for the unknown regions, He figured there was plenty of time to have a little fun on the sith's dime. A short time later, Jagged stepped out of the speeder in front of one of Nar Shaddaa's numerous casino, and after paying the taxi-speeder driver his due, he made his way inside past a rather large and intimidating gran bouncer and took a seat at the bar. After several shots of whiskey later, He was at the sabaac table, and already blown threw nearly 2000 credits. "Oh man, I'm in trouble" he thought to himself, his father never cared for his gambling habit and often warned him that if he wasn't careful he would be out on the streets with no job and place to turn to and he would only have himself to blame...or worse...

With only a dozen or so credits left, Jagged made his way out and into the busy streets, hoping to get something in his stomach and a hot drink of caf to sober him up before he left nar shaddaa in the rear viewport window bound for home. After walking for several blocks he had found a cozy looking restraunt and made his way inside and into a side booth away from the rest of the customers hoping to enjoy a hot meal and drink in peace...however that wasn't going to happen. Since he had left the casino, he had been followed by 3 rather rough looking individuals all of different alien species, hoping to rob poor Jagged blind of whatever credits he had left. They had seen how many credits he had blown through at the casino and figured that they could relieve him of his remaining funds.....

Jagged paid little attention to the men as they entered in a few minutes later, as a serving droid was already at his table taking his order, however before he got the chance to finish his order, the men had moved to his table and shoved the droid back. "You left before paying us what you owed us...." One of the aliens said with a sneer on his face. With a quizzical look on his face, jagged looked from one alien to the next. Maybe he was a little to drunk to tell where he had seen the men, but he was certain he had seen them earlier. "I think you're mistaken....if you'll excuse me i'd like to..." Jagged began to speak but was interrupted when one of the men grabbed him by the coat and forced him to his feet, shoving him against the wall. "We're not mistaken, you drunk give us our credits before we decide to rearrange you face..."

Jagged was about to respond, but before he could, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach, as the fist of one of the men struck him fast and hard just below his ribs knocking the air clean out of him, and knocking him to his feet. The next several blows came quick hitting him square in the jaw. However, before the last blow came, a woman's voice came from the entrance demanding that the men release him.

Posted by: Lux Dawnstar Feb 28 2017, 12:45 PM

The Force had lead her to Nar Shaddaa...the "Smugglers Moon"...the notorious home for many of the Criminal Organizations in the Galaxy. It was ruled by the Hutt. Asa princess and a diplomat, she had dealt with them before and couldn't help but find them utterly repulsive. So...why did the Force lead here? The Force lately was showing a twisted sense of humor.

Although she arrived in official business for the Zeltron Royal House, princess Lux, found herself in the so called Corellian Sector of the moon, disguised, by using one of her more humble attires, when she wanted to not be recognized, either as a princess or a Jedi knight. Here she witnessed a lot of gaming and drinking.

And was while she left a tavern of sorts, after having one drink, that Lux felt the pull of the Force once more. Closing her eyes and feeling the flow of the Force, Lux allowed herself to be guided...

What she found however, was not what she was expecting. Three male aliens were beating up a male human. Truth be said, Lux would help the man, as it wasn't a fair fight, but as she moved to step in, the Force glowed around the man being beaten and Lux, realized that it was to him the Force had lead her.

Making use of her superior speed and also her Force gifts, to enhance her physical prowess, Lux tapped one of the males with her finger. "I am sorry, but three against one, ins't a fair fight. Mind if I even the odds?" She said right before she punched the guy she had tapped before.

The two others, though surprised, charged towards Lux, who smirked and using the combination of her Echani training with Force Valor, took her only a few minutes to have all the three of them knocked out.

Moving to the man, Lux touched him and realized he was more injured than it looked. "Here....Lean on me. I'm taking you somewhere, so I can treat your wounds...Do you have a lodge nearby?" Lux asked. She didn't want to take him to her hotel suite and have to explain, why she was using those rags and had a injured man with her.

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love, libby

Posted by: Jagged Finnall Feb 28 2017, 07:50 PM
Tag : Lux Dawnstar | Location : Nar Shaddaa | Word Count : 361
Perhaps it was the fact that he was wasted, or maybe the fact that he was instructed to keep a low-profile, but his first instinct when the aliens had approached was to draw his blaster and show them right off that he wasn't one to be messed with...but being drunk from one too many drinks, he knew that if he even tried that he would end up shooting someone else and finding himself in a much deeper hole than he was in now. For now he would just take his beatings, and lump it up for payback later.....however the beatings were interrupted shortly after they began by someone he could see was clearly more than just your passerby...that much was sure. He was crouched over, attempting to get up to his feet when the good-samaritan had dealt with the remainder of the thugs in a rather quick and fancy fasion. impressive..." He thought to himself as he caught the last few seconds of the fight between his savior and the thugs who were now laying on the ground moaning in pain.

It wasn't that he wasn't grateful for the help, he just wasn't ready to be treated like some helpless passerby who needed saving from three pathetic thugs, for god-sake he was a member of the Siths most elite star fighter squadron or at least that's what he told himself. However, when she had come to his side, he couldn't help but soften his approach when he saw her face. Dear gods she was gorgeous....was all he could think, but finally managed to get a muttered thank you out. Leaning on her, as she helped him up off the ground, he moaned softly as he grasped his ribs which had received a swift kick only moments earlier to. " was actually heading to the spaceport after a meal here....but..well..." He said, pausing as he looked at the plate that had been smashed on the ground and the cup of caf that was spelt on the counter. "What a waiste..." He thought to himself with a frown. With slow precise stepping, he was helped out into the steets,

Posted by: Lux Dawnstar Mar 6 2017, 09:34 AM

So, he was heading to the Spaceport, which meant that he had a ship or some sort of ship. She could help him there.

As Lux helped move the man out of the streets and helped him walk, Lux could feel the man body heat against her own. She was concerned that maybe he had some broken rib or something worst and that heat was actually the body fighting off something, caused by the beating.

"I am Lux, by the way. And you are?" Lux spoke introducing herself and being blunt as always, asking the man name.

What could be a minute walking become at least half an hour. When they reached the Spaceport, Lux noticed that there were many ships there, hers included. "Which one is your ship?" The white-haired woman asked, helping straighten up, so he could see which one was his ship.

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