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 Faction Application
The Datacron
 Posted: Jan 25 2016, 03:44 PM
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Faction Template

This application is the bare minimum of what you need. I will not include a word limit as since you're creating something that other players may join you will want to provide as much information as possible without becoming Ben Stein explaining particle physics. You can add fields if you feel it is necessary but you may NOT subtract fields. You may even arrange it any which way that you'd like and make it as pretty or ugly as you'd like, as long as you include all the required information below. Thank you for your patience, filling this out in it's entirety will help expedite the approval of your faction.

Faction Name: The name of your faction, for example 'Galactic Republic' and 'Sith Empire', this name will be the label on the boards that belong to them and on the Galaxy Map
. Faction Purpose: Why has this faction been formed, what are their aims and goals, why is it they wish to fight for power?
Faction Planet: Which planet is currently their base of operations.
Financial Wealth: How wealthy is this faction at the moment, and not only that, but how did they obtain their wealth? Does your faction gain revenue from any domestically developed goods? Do they export these goods?
Military Assets: What kind of military strength does the faction possess and have access to and how did they obtain it?
Form of Government: How is the faction run? The Galactic Republic is run by the Senate, the Sith Empire, currently, by the select Sith Aristocrats, and once the Sith Order are in control, there will be a singular leader with many executives below. Please make sure to explain in detail.
Organization structure: How is the faction made up? Who answers to who, who does what? For instance if you have a group of specialist commandos they should have a name for the unit and a purpose, etc.
Faction Leader: Who is in charge of the operation? Is he/she a npc or playable character?
Notable Faction Members: Who are the characters that run the day to day business of your operation? List the member's character's who are joining here, and any important NPC's that your faction has and their ranks.
Faction History: How did the faction come to be where it is now, as much detail as possible about how the funding and support was obtained. Again, as much detail as possible.
Assets: What does the faction own?
Affiliations: Friends, acquaintances, allies, enemies, etc.

[b][i]Faction Name[/i][/b]: [b]Faction Purpose: [/i][/b] [b][i]Faction Planet[/i][/b]: [b][i]Financial Wealth[/i][/b]: [b][i]Military Assets[/i][/b]: [b][i]Form of Government[/i][/b]: [b][i]Organization structure:[/i][/b] [b][i]Faction Leader[/i][/b]:   [b][i]Notable Faction Members[/i][/b]: [b][i]Faction History:[/i][/b] [b][i]Assets:[/i][/b] [b][i]Affiliations:[/i][/b]

There are a number of different things you need to understand before creating a faction. Having the five approved characters is essential to creating and maintaining the faction. If you create a faction with the necessary five characters but then one or more of those five is officially labelled as inactive, you will have to acquire a total of five active and approved members in two weeks or the faction will be dissolved by the staff. These characters must all be from five separate users.

Your faction will be very small when you create it, the larger factions such as the Galactic Republic, the Sith Empire, the Mandalorians as well as the Exchange and the Hutts would all be able to best your forces quite easily. It is advised that you take precaution in order to avoid getting on the wrong side of a faction without the support or aid from another, because they can and will crush you. Alliances or simple Non-Aggressive Pacts (NAPs) would be a good thing for you to consider. If you proclaim and advertise that your faction will oppose anyone and everyone, you can expect to be eliminated rather quickly. Whilst your faction might will be at a disadvantage against the largest factions, do not shrug off a possibile alliance, the outcome of the war could very well be affected by an alliance of different factions. It might not lead to initial galactic domination, but it will certainly put your faction in a more powerful position if the side they choose is victorious.

Also, invasions are costly and time-consuming, they are also not the only thing a faction must deal with. Don't be expecting to launch wave after wave of attacks upon planets. Conquest is a slow and time-consuming thing, especially when starting from the bottom. So don't expact battle after battle, if you want your faction to expand then contact an admin, it will be raised and discussed, we will have approval of any battles you wish to take place. The outcome of battles wil alsol be decided upon by staff. If we do not think it is time then a mission will be set for you which will help your faction in some way, or it may prevent a hinderence. Also, these missions can be requested for your faction at any time, the more that are completed the better position your faction is likely to be in when it comes to the next invasion. If you wish to request one of these missions then please contact me.

So as you can see, creating and maintaining a faction is not easy, if you slip up there will be consequences, to the point that your faction could very well be eliminated. Think carefully and plan wisely.

Finally, these factions are still under the watchful eye of the staff team, if we feel that it is not beneficial to the site or the roleplaying experience here we will remove it.

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