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 Advanced Posting Rules & Guidelines
The Datacron
 Posted: Jul 15 2016, 03:38 PM
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• As is common among many rp sites, You may not role play without an already approved character.

• Keep to the RP atmosphere: Even in the world of Jedi Knights, not everyone is perfect. Characters sometimes fail a mission, succumb to the 'Dark Side,' or even die. Please keep this in mind while Roll Playing. Power Playing will not be tolerated

  • Padawans will not win a fight or even hold ground with a Sith Lord.

  • Jedi do lose their lightsabers, once lost it does not magically reappear when convenient.

  • One does not enter a room knowing the last five minuets of conversation between two characters. Roll Playing will be required to bring new thread entries up to speed.

• On a rpg rating scale this site is rated 2-1-2. For those who do not know what this means, these are the specifics:
  • Language (2) - Swearing is generally permitted, to a point. Excessive Swearing will not be permitted.
  • Sex (1) - Mild sexual innuendos and sexual references are permitted. "Fade to Black" before any explicit detail. Anything of a sexual nature should "fade to black" before any detail of nudity or sexual activity is portrayed.
    - As a rule of thumb, you can say that {something potentially inappropriate} has taken place, but do not go into any detail.
  • Violence (2) - Explicit Violence is permitted. Heavy Violence and detailed Gore is not permitted.
• When it comes to questionable content we ask that you use 'fade to black', before it gets too graphic. Remember that young members may be reading your posts, so keep it appropriate.

• Keep IC Roll Playing third person. I rolled out of sight in the nick of time should be [Player's Name or pronoun] rolled out of sight in the nick of time.

• This is a (relatively) non-linear game, aside from the board-wide plots. Feel free to play any one character in as many concurrent threads as you desire. We do, however, require that you to start a Thread Tracker to keep track of the threads that each of your characters is in.

• Post in English only, and try to use proper English whenever you can, with appropriate spelling and grammar. If needed, we suggest using a spell-checker. If you wish to use a Star Wars Language in your post, please add in the meaning in () for those who are reading your post.

• Word Limit -While there is no word limit, we do require more than a one liner for each post. We ask that you focus on quality over quantity. Double check posts and make sure that they will make sense to other users.

• No Double Posting. The only circumstance to this, is RPing by yourself. When RPing by yourself, Please wait a minimum of 3 hours before double posting. All threads that are posted with one person must have more than 4 posts in the thread.

• All characters should abide by their Character Level (or "rank"), meaning that a higher level character should be more likely to defeat/outwit/etc a lower level character.

• Be realistic. DO NOT go on rampages through Sith Temples, Jedi Temples or cities or other places that you would more than likely be stopped by a form of security force. This is extremely un-realistic and it’s also God-Modding. Not to mention not very cool.

• It is customary to ask before entering an already established thread. This is to avoid any outsiders ruining a plot or subplot of those already in the thread. A topic without any indication that they're locked is on default considered open. If you wish to keep your thread between 2 character's you must indicate that the thread is closed.

• No out of character posts in rp threads.

• You may not kill another character without the RP-ers permission. There is also to be no pushing for another character to die. But, if someone disappears who is part of a major sub-plot or two for your characters, don't hesitate to ask the admins for advice. We will come up with a way to write that character out so the plots can continue.


• When playing against another member's character You must let your opponent respond to attacks you make and they will then let you respond to their counter-attacks. The result of your attacks are reliant on the individual being attacked: you cannot determine the effect on your opponent. Likewise, the receiver cannot ignore or change the incoming attack although they may, if capable to do so, dodge/deflect/parry the attack.

• When playing against a NPC that is not aligned with a faction or controlled by another member, your character is allowed to battle as he/she sees fit. However remember to keep it realistic, If you're a padawan going up against a Dark Jedi Master, chances are you aren't going to be able to beat the Dark Jedi directly without some help.

• Fatal, limb-severing or other grievously wounding attacks are not allowed without the receiver's permission. Admins should be notified of character deaths (mainly so that we can update the character list).

• Not all battles have to be won or lost. Their are numerous outcomes to a battle, and this should be portrayed IC. As portrayed in many of the Star Wars episodes and movies, not all battles have been won or lost with the death of the opponent. Character's are able to escape.

• One-Hit Knockouts or Kills are considered a form of godmodding and will not be tolerated.

• This site is death enabled, which means that any character can die. Be aware that if your character actions, place it in peril and an imminent death situation, your character may die a final death, if the administrators do allow it. No one is impervious to death and all actions have consequences and sometimes they are deadly.


• Battles by difinition are large conflicts between the forces of 2 or more factions, whether it be on land or in the air.

• Battles on Land and Air will each have their own seperate threads for the members to participate in.

• All general combat rules apply.

• All battle thread will be started by either a Faction Leader or Dungeon Master who will explain the setting of the battle, and will control all NPC's whether it is faction npcs or opposing forces..

• Battle threads will have a posting order for all those participating in the thread. Everyone must get one post in a certain order so that things stay organized and everyone is included.

• In a situation wherein one player does not post when it is their turn for over a period of 4 days or more, the remaining player(s) may choose to skip the player, if they so choose. However, it is up to the Game Master to write out the member from the thread without killing that member's character.

• Each Battle that is started IC, must have a corresponding OOC thread in the Roleplay Planning section of the board where all participants may speek OOC. Plans and strategies may be thought out here, but may not be used IC by any member of the opposite faction (metagaming).

• The threads will be monitored by a dungeon master who will moderate the threads..

Playing NPC's

• NPC's that are controlled by another member or a faction should be treated as if they are a playable character.

• Every character-owned NPC must be controlled by the owner, or whoever has permission.

• NPCs controlled by factions, must first have Staff permission to be used in your topic. The NPC will then be controlled by a game master or a member the staff, NO EXCEPTION. Please note that Staff Permission is not given out lightly, so make sure that you have a very good reason for having the NPC in your topic before asking.

• All general RP and Battle rules apply to NPC's.

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