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 The nature of Duality, Revan , Open
Asher Karis
 Posted: Feb 23 2017, 08:53 AM
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Two blades were flashing in all directions in a complicated yet calm dance. They neared each other only to descend further away yet never touching as if their connection could end this beautiful dance. A young man stood in the middle of a spacious area with various shaped weapons surrounding him on various racks. Sweat dripping from his forehead and stopping on his defined brows which only became more saturated as he continued.

Physical training is an important part of bettering your body and mind and the best way for Asher to feel closer to the force. Going past his physical limits until his muscles ache only to find a cooling and relaxing feeling overwhelm him allowing the young Padawan to continue past what he thought was possible. The flow of the two blades became more and more natural, both became extensions of his arms as the flew around gently only to pick up speed. His background in Makashi made his style more calculated with a dangerous hint of unpredictability. No one knew where the sword would land next, not even himself. The entire dance was almost like a trance, something dangerous yet impressive.

He was finally ready, the air surrounding him suddenly burst out in a gentle wave with Asher as an epicentre as his blades came to a halt. A gentle wooshing sound caused by the rays of light emanating from the metal hilt became less deafening however the sound of panting got louder.

He was ready, his connection with the force has reached a new peak and suddenly everything seemed clearer. It was time to ask the question he was afraid to bring up for so long.

Asher put away his lightsaber as well as the training one and ran out through the corridors wiping away his wet face with a corner of his white-grayish robe. His speed amplified through the force allowed him to (despite few close calls of running into someone) arrive in front of his masters private training area, a place where Revan spent a decent amount of time.

The padawan did not hesitate and entered the room.
"Master Revan, I'm ready. I have finally comprehended the basic Jar'Kai style, the flow, the movement and switches in momentum. I'm ready for a second lightsaber." The loud words spread around the room in a loud yet polite matter. He wasn't sure what Revan was doing however his excitement wouldn't allow him to wait. There weren't many Jar'Kai practitioners in the temple and amongst the younger ones, Asher was already a shining star.

Jaden Damarcus
 Posted: Feb 28 2017, 08:54 PM
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44 Galactic Stanard Years
Jedi Order & Republic
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Tag : Ura/Asher | Location : The Coruscant Jedi Temple | Word Count :
To many, Jaden - formerly known as the revanchist - was a prime example of a warrior, and was even seen as one of the most skilled swordsmen of the Jedi Order. It was true that Jaden had taken on the mantle of Revan - a homage to his sister - during the mandalorian wars and had even led the republic to their ultimate defeat of the mandalorians, Jaden was also the same one who had brought the republic to it's knees and had committed numerous heinous crimes in his attempt to conquer the galaxy as the self proclaimed Dark Lord of the sith. There were story's abound within the halls of the temple alone of the legends of Revan, but ever since he had been redeemed and brought back to the light, Jaden had abandoned his former identity as Revan, reclaiming his original identity of Jaden.

He had hoped to live his life quietly with his wife, and working from the shadows and aiding the republic in searching out and destroying the remaining remnants of his former empire, never dreaming that he would be tasked with one of the greatest duties of a Knight of the Jedi Order, to train a padawan. At first when Vandar had asked him about taking a padawan, He had laughed it off, blowing off the older council master....that was until he was approached weeks later by the very same master this time with a padawan at his side....that had been several weeks ago. Since then, Revan had done his best to aid the young man to reach his potential as a Jedi Knight. What time he had free, Revan spent with his wife....but it seemed now that those moments were few and far between.

Jaden had started his day an hour before the break of dawn, kissing his wife good morning, before leaving for the temple gardens where he would spend an hour meditating, or until his padawan found him and together they would begin their training. Having been training on the form Jar'kai for several weeks now, Revan had left instructions with his padawan to find him when he had successfully comprehended the basic Jar'Kai style, the flow, the movement and switches in momentum. Knowing that the young padawan was on the verge of learning the basic steps of Jar'kai, he felt comfortable leaving the young man in one of the empty dojo's of the temple while he finished his meditation in his training room just down the hall from his own personal quarters.

He was in deep meditation, legs crossed while sitting in the center of the room, when the door to the room swung open and his padawan stepped into the room seemingly out of breath from running. The excitement of the young boy was evident, Jaden couldn't help but chuckle softly to himself. "So it seems...but please...don't call me revan..that name has been burried with the man long ago...." Jaden said as the young man finished, opening his eyes to meet the gaze of his padawan. He had mentioned several times before his dislike for the name to his young padawan, but it had seemed that in the young man's excitement he had forgotten that Jaden strongly disliked to be called revan. When He had resisted the lure of the darkside on top of the temple of the ancients on lehon, Darth Revan died for good....

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