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Dia Sienn


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Feb 9 2017, 02:20 PM

A very peaceful, tranquil place. The planet was populated by a handful of farming enclaves scattered along the countryside. Agriculture did not manage to transform the surface of the planet yet, so it remained largely pristine, its nature just as it was for many thousands of years. A tranquil... and very boring place.

Dia liked it here, non the less. If she were ever to settle down - this would be the place. She felt at peace when breathing this air, and hearing the wind rustle the leaves and grass. With the nature of her work, however, this was not going to happen too soon. The Twi'lek was making regular runs to Dantooine, lately. Her XS Light Stock Freighter was under a freighting contract, delivering necessary materials to the farmers and shipping out the products of their labor to the nearest planetary market.

This was the cover, at least.

In truth, the purpose for her visits was much more ... lucrative. She made a deal with one of the brigadiers at the docks, and he supplied her with a very rare merchandise that was found only on Dantooine, and a few other places in the galaxy. Kyber crystals. They were useful as jewelry, as power sources, and as religious and mystic items. The brigadier, named James, had a way of getting these, in small quantities. Dia did not know how, but it did not matter. Among the crates with vegetables, James transferred the merchandise to her ship. In turn, she transferred credits to one of his offshore accounts - every time a different one. Everything was oiled and slick.

Right now, she was talking to him, as the laborers moved the crates inside of her ship's cargo bay. It looked like small talk, but in truth it was filled with many codes and phrases, for secrecy's sake. The casual "How are you?" was an inquiry of how the operation proceeds. If there is no danger - James told her so. If not - the current deal was off, postponed until her next run. The pilot twi'lek stood out, wearing dark-blue and orange, while everyone around wore an unimaginative shade of ... green. She shook hands with her contact.

"Heya James. How's life been treating you?" - she asked, a small smile on her face. She liked the human, in a way. He was intelligent, and cautious. But not malicious in his endeavor, just like her. They were both just trying to make some money.

"Eh... been better, Dia. When I think I got it all under control, life keeps bringing me another problem to deal with, yknow? Some workers are morons." - the man shrugged casually. Dia's eyebrow quirked. It meant that the crates currently pushed into her ship had nothing but fruits and greenery in them. Something was off. She shrugged, accepting the fact.

"That's life for you. If it were so simple, you'd not have a job." - she chuckled, but wondered what was the reason for postponing the deal, regardless.

"Speaking of jobs, you might wanna look around. A Jedi been hanging around the place and the docks for about two weeks now, talking to any spacer passing by."

Now that was interesting. And a good reason as to why the deal was off. Jedi were very protective of their crystal caves. Any motion from their part meant that the operation had to be laid low, for now.

"Indeed? Unusual for the force cultists to involve themselves. Usually they stay in their self-centered alcove. Do you know what they were looking for?"

"Ehhh... not sure. Not exactly an eavesdropper. Maybe someone in Khoonda knows. better ask around!" - he shrugged. A curious smile appeared on Dia's face, she had always been one for secrets and mysteries. She had to find what this was all about. And make sure it was not involved with her or James.

"Oh, I will... Thank you."

With that, the Twi'lek left the brigadier and his workers to do the crate-loading, and traveled down one of the lanes leading to the small administrative building. The Khoonda. Hopefully, some answers were to be found there...
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Feb 10 2017, 07:08 AM

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