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The Datacron
 Posted: Jan 10 2016, 01:41 AM
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Like the title says, this is a list of ways to be wounded. When in battle, it's inevitable that wounds will be taken on both sides, whethers it's a punch kick stabb or cut, it's most likely going to happen. Here's a list of the ways that if attacked, you can go with one of these ways to be wounded instead of dying/being mortally wounded. It's a way to stay alive, but also to make the battle interesting, fun, and realistic.

Artillery Weapons
Artillery was a term used to describe weapons systems or vehicles designed for bombardment, or heavy weapon, within a long distance. Vehicle-mounted varieties were the best known. More or less, depending on impact of an area around you, should artillery units be firing at you on an open field of battle, you can end up dead or severely wounded from a close range artillery round/blast striking the ground near you. In an artillery-vehicle engagement, the most common result of an artillery strike into a vehicle would leave no survivors.

Bioweapons may or may not physically cause wounds to a being. When most bioweapons are created, their purpose is to destabilize a population, usually resulting in a mass death toll. However, some bioweapons can be engineered to wound with medical conditions such as sores, illnesses, paralyzation, etc... Bioweapon attacks are most commonly found in airborne based forms, the only real way to get around them (if specifically targeted) is wearing some kind of protective hazardous material (hazmat) suit and breathing apparatus. So, if you were targeted and didn't wear proper protective equipment, you will be wounded based on the specifications of the bioweapon.

Blaster (laser/maser)/Slugthrower Weapons
These wounds are common when in a large scale battle between factions. It's likely that many people on both sides will be wounded, if not killed, when the battle is lost to one side or the other. For Blaster Weaponry and Slugthrowers(Projectile Weapons) one can take a hit in many places and not be killed. Those ares include:
  • Leg Wounds: Anywhere on the leg from a blaster bolt or slugthrower bullet is fine. It will slow you down and give you a diability when in battle. You can still move if the wound isn't too bad, but expect to have the character experience pain with each step.
  • Shoulder/Arm Wounds: Anywhere on the arm or shoulders is a good way to take a hit when in battles and duels with those who use these types of weapons. Your arm or shoulder will be injured making it hard to wield a weapon, but it will still give you a fighting chance. Being in this way, disabled if only a little or completely, you can still fight although you'll be slower on the attack and feel pain with each strike.
  • Torso Wounds and Groin Shots: Another way you can takes hits. Wearing armor helps with these kinds of wounds, for not all torso wounds are fatal. If taking a direct hit, try and get to bacta immediately for it may worsen your condition if you dont. Grazing wounds on the ribs stomach etc are also good. If shot in the groin, I say one thing, ouch. It's going to hurt, and you may loose your manhood or your family jewels.
Electrical Weapons
These wounds range from mild shocks to full electrocution. Depending on the output of electrical energy from a given weapon will determine the severity of the damage done. In addition to this, the location of where the electrical weapon strikes, will also help in the determination of the severity of damage done to the target of the weapon.
  • EMP: electromagnetic pulses, if strong enough can cause electrocution strong enough to kill organic life.
  • Shock/Electrostaff: has a range of settings from stun to deadly charge, however this would not kill a person, simple incapacitate them.
    Stun Weapons: see stun weapon section
Flamethrower/Disruptor Weapons
  • Disruptor Weapons: Disruptor weapons are harder to work with as they disintegrate what they come into contact with and are quite fatal most of the time. However, wounds to the arms, shoulders, and legs are usual wounds you would expect if shot at with a Disruptor. It will burn and cause plenty amounts of pain. Torso wounds are also good around the sides of the stomach and chest areas. Treatement of course, will need to be a priority once the battle's over.
  • Flamethrowers: Flamethrowers are a bit easier to work with when it comes to taking wounds. Most they can cause are incredibly painful burning wounds where the flames make contact. You'll require a fair amount of bacta or force treatment but you'll live.
Hand-to-Hand, Bladed And Blunt Melee Weapons
Axes, swords, vibro-weapons, staffs, batons, pipes, glaives, spears the list of these types of weapons could go one forever. Many of the wounds you can take from these weapons, are very similar to that of blaster wounds, save they may go deeper and cause more damage and a stronger disablement. Further, you'll be losing more blood this way and will need a bit more urgency when getting healed if the wound is deep when you've been struck with a blade. Also, if it's a blunt weapon, you may end up with broken bones and the like, or even if you're in hand to hand combat bones can still be broken during these fights. These wounds can also reach to the head, causing bruises cuts over the cheeks, forehead, and eyes as well as other such wounds. Further, these can reach down to the groin as well with any type of weapons. If you're a man, just know you will be in pain! Plus, if cut down there it's going to hurt like hell and start praying you can still have kids.

Ion Weapons
Unless in the form of a very large and powerful blast, Ion weapons will do no harm to organics. If a large ion blast does come across an organic being, it can seriously injure them or kill them.

These wounds are a bit more grievous than those of regular bladed weapons, blunt objects and blaster wounds. As we all know, lightsabers are strong weapons that can cut through all sorts of metals and flesh. Being a literal blade of energy, the wounds on the torso and face would most likely be much more grievous and potentially fatal. Arm, shoulder, leg, and torso wounds are still available with these weapons, even cuts across the chest and back can work for wounds from these weapons.

Rockets and Grenades
Wounds from these types of weapons can be incredibly harmful and disabling. It's hard to dodge an entire blast so at least expect a few burns bruises and cuts. Further, these types of weapons will have a concussive force, so expect to go hurtling and/or tumbling through the air. Now as a reminder, there are many types of grenades, including stun, concussion, frag, plasma, EMP, glop, adhesive, poison, cryoban, flash bangs there are plenty of types that an enemy can use. each has their own properties so make sure you know what there are. Adhesive and Glop grenades will most likely immobilize you, Cryoban grenades as well, so expect to be disabled when those are thrown at you if you cant completely dodge them or soemhow throw them away from you. However, thermal detonators are soemthing that are incredibly difficult to escape, if someone throws one of these at you, expect to be in a bacta tank for anywhere from a day to a week.
Percussion Weapons: fired explosive projectiles, this can lead from anything to minor burns to death, depending on the type of projectile and strength of projectile.

Sonic Weapons
sonic weapons generated highly-focused bursts of sonic energy. Like blasters, most sonic weapons offered both stun settings in addition to their more lethal, full power settings. The former released a high-pitched wail that caused disorientation and/or loss of consciousness in anyone affected by the blast. The latter however, released a more concentrated sphere or "bolt" of Sonic energy. When set to full power, this bolt was comparable in its damaging properties to a blaster bolt; it could shatter solid objects and break bones. Unlike blasters, however, sonic weapons had the advantage of being able to function underwater, though they unfortunately required users to wear protective headgear in order to protect themselves from the effects of the sonic energy. In addition to this, Sonic weapons where also widely used against Jedi, as a Jedi attempting to block such an attack with his lightsaber would find that the bolt would simply pass around the blade, to strike with less - but still quite lethal - stopping power. Due to the wide variety of lifeforms that populated the galaxy, sonic weapons had to be reset for use against members of different species, but their internal computers could usually store several settings.

Stun Weapons
These weapons take after their name, they stun an opponent into submission. These weapons can of course kill you if hit hard enough or with numerous times in the same spot, but expect to be knocked unconscious when struck with these weapons. These can range anywhere from melee weapons, to blaster weaponry even to grenades and rockets.

The Force
Oh yes, one of the most favorite tools and weapons in the galaxy! Most of the attacks that come from this mysterious power are under the realm of kinetic energy and blunt force trauma. Most of the time, someone may hurl an object at you such as a knife a table a box or any other such inanimate object. Further, attacks like Force Push and pull usually will send an opponent are yourself flying in whichever direction they had sent you. Grip will of course, constrain your wind pipes or other such part of your body causing damage. Other powers like Electric Judgment, Force Lightning, Force Destruction, and Force (water) Orb, are under the realm of fire, water, and of course, lightning. These powers and other powers of the force are hard to dodge, or even absorb, pain and of course, wounds are to be expected from such actions.

Starfighter and Cruiser Engagements
These types of battles can be a bit trickier, but usually one will end up having their ship wounded and if the strikes and laser blasts are strong enough, even the character. In cruisers, it is likely that soem form of explosion can cause a great amount of damage, killing a substantial amount of the crew and/or disabling the ship entirely. Cokmmunications arrays, sensor arrays, weapons malfunctions and destruction, all of these are compltely usable during a space battle. If your eingines are hit, you can also expect to be in a hell of a lot of trouble. Other wounds to the ship can be taken, such as an explosion that sends you off course or that pesky blaster bolt that strikes your ship directly once your shields are down. Usually, it's advised you're near some form of space station or world so that if you need to, you can get into a hangar or even crash alnd. Now crashlanding will do a lot of damage to not only your ship but probably to you too.

So when you're in a space battle, or in any battle or duel for that matter, be careful and plan out your attacks if you can. Really, it's like a big game of chess, if you make this move, how will they react? And what piece might you have to sacrifice? As it is with all other sorts of situations.

I hope that this bit of a list has been useful to you. I also hope that these will help some of us all get to writing better. Other circumstances can of course arise during a roleplay causing more exotic wounds and ailments, but those can easily be figured out with a little help. If I've missed anything, anyone can feel free to add to this little tutorial if they like.

Originally written by Jean of SW:Legacy, additional information added by Hank of SW:FA
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