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Posted by: The Datacron Dec 6 2015, 08:06 PM

• All Member's joining KOTOR-RPG must be 13 years of age or older. This is due to the JCINK Terms of Service.

• Make sure that you’ve read through all the rules and plot information first before joining.

• When registering, register first with your main account. This will be your OOC (Out of Character) Account which all OOC chatter will be posted with. You may register with any name you want for an OOC account, but be sure to keep it clean.

• When registering your character accounts, they should be your character's FIRST & LAST Names, without any titles. If you elect to play a droid, the droid name will suffice.

• Every character needs their own individual account.

• All secondary accounts must be linked to your primary account.

• It would be helpful to check the member list to keep the different chosen names varied.

• We will not delete any of your accounts or any of your characters, but we will have periodic (bi-monthly) board-wide activity checks. If you miss an activity check, your characters will be placed in the Idle Characters board and member group. If you contact the admins upon your return, we can move your characters back into the active section.


• Post OOC topics only in appropriate forums.

• Respect the staff, the players, and the guests. Please don’t harass anyone for any reason. Basically follow the golden rule - Treat other's how you want to be treated.

• Keep it clean. Don’t use an excess of curse words since everyone can see your posts. In fact any swearing in OOC posts should be kept to a minimum or none at all, as we have young members here.

• Don't spam if a topic doesn't call for it. Same goes for personal messaging.

• As stated in the CBOX rules, any topics about new/upcoming STAR WARS games, books, or movies should not have any major spoilage posted. If you must post something that may spoil it, please post it in spoiler tags [*spoiler][/spoiler*].

• The staff reserves the right to say what is appropriate and what is not, as well as deleting posts and comments without warning if the content is questionable.

• The staff also reserves the right to add more rules to this list, should the need arise.


• No spoilers for recently released STAR WARS games, movies or books. You may speak about such topics, but do not post any spoilers from any of them. • No racism or any other offensive comments, including personal attacks against other members or guests.

• This cbox has a slightly more strict rating than the rest of the board, PG. This means that cursing or sexual content will not be permitted on the cbox. Breaking of this rule will lead to a temporary or permenant ban from the cbox (depending on the severity of the infringment). Continued abuse of this rule may also result in a ban (temporary or permanent) from the board as well.

• No spamming and no spamming of links. There is a spam block built in, so too many posts too soon to each other will result in a ban. This will not be lifted until the next day.

• Do not advertise other forums in the cbox, take it to the advertisement section. If advertising is found in the cbox the advertisement will be deleted.

• Do not troll and do not respond to anyone attempting to troll, simply report them. Trolling or flaming in the cbox will be an automatic week ban.

• Do not attempt to impersonate a member of the staff or any other member of the board. To keep this from happening, we encourage all staff and members to register their names on the cbox by clicking on the profile link at the bottom of the cbox. If you forget your name or password, simply contact the "revanchist" account, and he will help with any issues.

• Do not discuss major issues such as politics and religion as these things can lead to fighting. We prefer that they aren't discussed at all.

• Generally be polite to each other and to guests/potential members.

• If there is an incident, do not get involved. Contact a member of staff, otherwise you will likely be punished for your involvement as well.


• The avatar sizes are set at 250 pixels wide by 350 pixels in height. The maximum size for signatures is 500 pixels wide by 300 pixels in height. Anything larger than that may stretch the board.

• OOC Accounts can have an avatar with a picture of just about anything, however please refrain from using pornography of any kind in your avatars and/or signatures. Although we ask you to try and keep it within the star wars or atleast sci-fi genre, this is ultimately the players choice.

• IC Accounts should have a picture of the playby that is used for that account. Canon Characters may use a RL playby or a picture from one of the KOTOR games. However a RL playby must be used in either the Avatar or the Signature if a KOTOR pic is used.

• Applications may only have 2 pictures used, the Play by and the picture of the character's lightsaber (if the character is a force user). All other images must be in link form.


• If you need to go on a hiatus (Leave of Absence), please let us know how long you will be away by posting in the The Departures Section of the board. Life happens, we completely understand that. If you're inactive for more than 14 days without notice, a PM will be sent to your account and if you fail to reply within 7 days, your characters will be removed of active threading.

• We will be holding bi-monthly activity checks. If you do not play a major canon and miss a activity check without a notice than your character will be placed as inactive. You have until the next activity check to respond before your character's are put up for adoption. If you play a major canon, and you haven't posted to the activity check and have no notice, than your canon character's will be put up for adoption.

• We ask that our members post at least once or twice per week. Although more is encouraged, we do understand that life gets busy. • People that have canons should most certainly be the most active. We encourage anyone with a canon to post anywhere from 2-3 times a week or more if possible.

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