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Meetra Surik


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Feb 10 2017, 02:14 PM

Alia(s) or Codename(s): Adan, Ad,
Short Description: Adan is Meetra Surik only son. The 16 year old boy was conceived during the Mandalorian Wars, on a nightly encounter that was not supposed to end in sex. While Adan doesn't know who his father is, Meetra herself only learned about the identity of the man, fairly recently. Atton is Adan father. The Force has a twisted sense of humor.
Personality: Adan is known to be very brave, wise and charismatic. Often, he takes on difficult and dangerous tasks without complaint, and is extremely loyal to his friends and family. He has shown incredible fighting talents. He is a very good strategist and has learned to be cool, calm and collected.
Adan is quite protective of his friends and family. Mess with them and you will see the worst side of Adan personality, that can become quite dark and cruel, if those he loves are threatened in any way.
History: He was born and raised in Pangea, the planet in the Unknown Regions that Meetra has been living. Adan has been around "aunt" Alia and his cousin Emyrs. Both boys have been trained by his mother. Adan has a Force potential that surpass his mother's.
Appearance: Dylan Sprayberry is his play-by. The young actor is perfect for Adan.
Other: Any questions just ask me! http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
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