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 Guide to the Sith Empire
The Datacron
 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 11:12 PM
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LEADER: Dark Overlord of the Sith
SECONDARY LEADERS: The Council of the Nine


Our Sith Empire, here in our board, is not the canon Sith Empire. Remember that this is an AU and so is this faction. It is a very recent faction and as such it hasn't a very long or rich background.

After Malak, usurped Revan Empire, many of the Sith under him, rioted and left him and his Empire, which prompt to an easy defeat of Malak Empire at the hands of the joined forces of the Republic, Jedi Order and Mandalorians.

Those that left Malak Empire traveled to the Unknown Regions and there they found a planet that was inhabited by a very ancient, powerful darkside society. These "Sith" had been the part of an expedition that had crash-landed and been stuck in the planet for thousand of years.

They thrived and kept the old traditions of the First Sith's alive. When both factions gathered, instead of trying to kill each other, they negotiated. Then after months of negotiations, a new Sith Empire was created. A mix of the modern and ancient Sith philosophies created a new and powerful faction.

For the next years, while the Jedi Order was able to rebuilt itself, so did this new Sith Empire, one that considered itself, the True Sith Empire. The strongest Sith Lords and Ladies then went through a very ancient Sith Ritual, that would decide who would be the Head of the Empire.

While some Sith withdrew themselves from the Ritual, the more ambitious of them, decided to venture through it. In the end, only one Sith returned from the said Ritual alive and was crowned the Over-Lord of all Sith's.

All Sith bowed their knees to the man.

Then the Over-Lord, chose the Council of the Nine, from the surviving strongest Sith. These nine men and women, only answered to the the Over-Lord and to him alone. All others, Generals, Masters and so on, answered to them and to the Over-Lord.

Organization of the Sith Empire

Dark Overlord of the Sith

The de-facto leader and ruler of all Sith and of the Sith Empire. The current and first Dark Overlord of the Sith, was chosen in a very ancient and deadly Ritual. He rose from the Ritual more powerful than he ever was and the energies of the Force surrounding him are remarkably intimidating.

To help him rule over the Empire, the Overlord, created the Council of Nine, under his wife and Consort suggestion.

The Council of the Nine

The Pyramids of Influence are the nine domains of politics and power in the Sith Empire. Each of the nine Pyramids, are headed by a member of the Council of the Nine, and between them they encompass the entire Empire. Through the Pyramids, the Council control's and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Empire, and every individual and organization within the Empire ultimately answers to at least one of the Councilors through the hierarchy of the Pyramids.

Once the Over-Lord was anointed, he created the Council of the Nine, a group of the surviving nine Dark Lords of the Sith who handle the day-to-day running of the Empire. Each Councilor took an aspect of the Empire as their own to rule, ranging from joint control of the Imperial Military to the judicial regulation of Imperial society to the ensuring that the Sith Order remains loyal to Sith philosophy.

Each Council member is responsible for overseeing their own Pyramid and dealing with any problems that arises.

The Nine Pyramids are:

The Pyramid of The Force.

The Pyramid that is the most secretive of the nine. The rest of the Empire knows almost nothing about the Pyramid's inner workings or purpose, and they only understand that the mysteries which the Pyramids protects are important to the Empire.

It's leader is the Council member Darth Krypthas. (Taken)

The Pyramid of Knowledge.

The Pyramid is charged with the protection and expansion of Sith knowledge. This Pyramid oversees the Imperial Reclamation Service and ensures that Sith artifacts and archaeological discoveries are handled correctly and benefited the Sith Order. The Pyramid works in joint with the Pyramid of the Force.

It's leader is the Council member Darth Biblus. (NPC)

The Pyramid of War.

This Pyramid directs the Imperial Military and the Ministry of War in all offensive military operations, commanding the military's firepower and resources in order to destroy the Empire's enemies and ensure their territorial and military supremacy.

It also oversees the expansion of the Empire's borders and directed the Imperial Diplomatic Service in its efforts to secure new allies and maintain their allegiances. While the Pyramid controls both diplomacy and expansion, the Pyramid's leader determined which of the two the Empire favors.

It's leader is the Council member Darth Belli.(Suggested Darth Name/Open)

The Pyramid of Empire Defense.

The Pyramid of Empire Defense, is concerned with the direction of the Imperial Military in order to preserve the Empire and its people from external and internal threats. As a result, the Pyramid shares joint control of the Ministry of War and the Imperial Military with the head of the Pyramid of War, and it often coordinates its efforts with the Pyramid Intelligence.

It's leader is the Council member Darth Aegis.(Suggested Darth Name/Open)

The Pyramid of Balance.

Oversees the Ministry of Intelligence, with the Minister of Intelligence reporting directly to the head of the Pyramid. All of Intelligence's many divisions, including Imperial Intelligence, fall under the control of the Pyramid Councilor.

It's leader is the Council member Darth Casus.(Suggested Darth Name/Open)

The Pyramid of Law.

The law enforcement and justice branches of the Empire, and under the Pyramid's control the rigid order and efficiency of Imperial society remains intact and Imperial justice is maintained across the Empire.

It's leader is the Council member Darth Codex.(Suggested Darth Name/Open)

The Pyramid of Technology.

The Pyramid of Technology oversees the creation of powerful new cybernetics, superweapons, military technology and other revolutionary machines for the good of the Empire.

It's leader is the Council member Darth Lorem.(NPC)

The Pyramid of Science.

This Pyramid is charged with the command of all aspects of the Empire that deal with the organic body. The Imperial Medical Corps, cybernetic augmentation, disease control, and genetic manipulations and experiments all fall within the Pyramid's control.

The Pyramid is also charged with overseeing the Ministry of Logistics, with the Minister of Logistics reporting directly to the Councilor in charge of the Pyramid. Through the Ministry, the Pyramid oversees the Empire's trade routes, resources, economy, military supply lines, transportation systems, nationalized industries, slave populations, and other assets and programs essential to the continued functions of the Empire.

It's leader is the Council member Darth Cognus.(Suggested Darth Name/Open)

The Pyramid of Philosophy.

The Pyramid is tasked with the protection of the Code of the Sith, ensuring that the acolytes and apprentices of the Sith Order remain loyal to the tenets of their Order, spreading anti-Jedi teachings and propaganda.

It's leader is the Council member Darth Sophiae.(Suggested Darth Name/Open)

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