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 The Setting / Backstory, Mandatory Reading
The Datacron
 Posted: Jan 21 2016, 05:52 PM
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A Galaxy At War

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away....
The year is 3953 BBY, two years after the defeat of Darth Revan's Sith Empire and the death of Darth Malak aboard the Star Forge.

The remaining Sith forces have been driven into the far reaches of the Outer Rim led by a strike force of Jedi and Republic Soldiers bent on the eradication of the remaining Sith.

Know as the "Great Cleanse" this strike force was put together by the current Supreme Chancellor and the Jedi Council, in hopes of defeating the Sith for good.

The Republic: Rise From The Ashes!

The Republic army has retaken many of the planets lost during the wars against the Mandalorians and Revan's Sith Empire, greatly bolstering the moral of many of the republic forces.

In the senate, there is talk about reparations against the Jedi Order, many senators blaming the high council and the Jedi in whole for the last war that had nearly caused the defeat of the entire Republic.

However, despite all the turmoil in the senate there remains many senators and systems that still support the Jedi Order, having seen the selfless acts of the Jedi that fought to liberate their planets from the tyrannical Sith Empire.

Mandalorians: A New Direction!

The Mandalorians have begun to regroup under a new Mandalor, hidden deep on the forest moon of Dxun, taking refuge in an abandoned Mandalorian camp from the Mandalorian Mars.

Unlike their last leader, their new leader is friendly to the republic, being a decorated war hero who had fought alongside the redeemed jedi knight Revan (now Jaden Damaracus) to defeat Darth Malak's Sith forces over Lehon. Having reclaimed the mask of the previous Mandalore, Canderous has begun a journey in hopes of uniting the surviving Mandalorian clans that had been scattered following their defeat in the Mandalorian Wars.

However, despite Canderous' best efforts their still remains many clans unwilling to unite under the new Mandalore' war-banner.

The Jedi Order: Clash of Generations!

The Jedi Order, though low in numbers has sought to rebuild their order by taking in younglings from across the galaxy in hopes of raising a new generation of jedi knights.

While many of the more conservative members of the Jedi Council stand against changing how the Order is run, there are many in the order who are pushing for a change to the Jedi Code and lifestyle allowing a more liberal view.

At the same time, many knights and master's have been sent out to the corners of the galaxy to aid the republic and Jedi Order in rebuild their forces and reputation.

The Sith: Alive And Still Kicking!

Despite the Sith's many losses following their defeat over Lehon, and the Republics best efforts to eradicate them, the Sith will always remain.

In the outer rim, a fraction of Revan's Sith forces had split from the empire when Malak had taken command, unwilling to work under one they considered unfit to lead. Having left the Sith Empire, they found themselves on a long lost colony of ancient Sith (species) who like the True Sith Empire had survived the slaughter of their ancestors on Korriban nearly a thousand years prior.

Together, a new empire is being forged, biding their time to strike at the Republic and the Jedi Order, once more.

Crime On The Rise.

In the dark shadows of the galaxy, crime has run rampant as the exchange the hutt cartel and other criminal enterprises battle to profit from the chaos caused by the last 50+ years of war.

Although, the Jedi and Republic fight valiantly to bring law and order to even the farthest reaches of the galaxy, the criminal syndicates that rule the underworld and outer rim have gained a strong foothold in the galaxy.

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