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 Splintered Glass; a SW AU RPG (18+)l, JCINK Premium | Grand Opening
 Posted: Jul 4 2017, 05:46 PM
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”A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

There was no Chosen One. No prophecy of a Force being bringing balance to the Force. War ravaged the galaxy for the past five years, destroying the lives of countless civilizations. Corruption poisoned the minds in the Senate, and the Supreme Chancellor was captured and killed in the early days of turmoil. Jedi knights became soldiers, Force-sensitive beings were ripped from their families to help fill the ranks, and trust in the old ways failed. Hope was lost... lost until a young senator from the Outer Rim planet of Dromund Kaas emerged from the shadows to squash the fighting with a brutal army forged in secrecy.

No one saw the final battle. No one expected it.

An ancient being, far far older than any Jedi Grand Master alive, had come to take control of the galaxy. His plans had been developing for centuries, his followers thirsty for blood, and when the world was in disarray, desperate for a leader, he struck.

With the Jedi Council weakened from years of fighting, and the Senate without a leader, he swiftly took command as Emperor, a robed assassin by his side and an army of Sith soldiers behind him.

Peace spread across the galaxy. A truce was made; the Jedi Council would be allowed to reside in its Coruscant temple, but it would no longer carry the authority it once enjoyed. Any hints of rebellion were dealt with swiftly and silently.

The Galactic Empire holds the galaxy in an iron grip.

A small band of rebels has begun forming, forming ranks to try to break away from the Empire's oppressive grip and they've sought the support of the dwindling Jedi Grand Masters. Many, however, love the new Emperor and stand firm as vigilantes across the star systems. Civil war is brewing, and both sides are building strength, on the precipice of another war.

Peace is beginning to splinter and crack. Which side will you choose?

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